​​Body Dryer _ Air Spa​

A refreshing bathroom experience brought to you by the body air dryer. 
The product provides comfortable bathroom experience and contributes to a sustainable lifestyle. 
Air Spa offers a new experience of pleasantly drying the water from the body. After showering, it protects the body temperature from external temperature and humidity .
It uses wind instead of towel to dry your body, saving time and freeing you from the conventional frequent towel washing. 


The experience of gently wrapping the entire body with the wind coming through the layered air hole. 
By adjusting the air hole vertically or horizontally, one can also enjoy a wind bath as if you were doing a massage or spa. 
The vertical modeling corresponds to the height of various users, from children to adults. 
From toe to chest: One can select a desired air target spot among 4 steps.

for SDI​​​​​​​
Planning | Product design | Technical design

Director | Seomin Lee
Product designer | Youngdo Lee
Technical designer | Gwongak Lee​​​​​​​