Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring Device

Counter and Dongle
We continue to design thinking to spread the good habit of hand washing. As a designer, it is a small effort to overcome the problem of infection.
This small device helps hand hygiene compliance monitoring in hospitals and public facilities. We propose an appropriate design to identify and promote the most basic and critical hand hygiene status for the prevention of infectious diseases. The hand hygiene monitoring device consists of a counter and a dongle. The device can be easily mounted on a hand sanitizer to check the number of times when extracting the proper amount, and the number of extractions is sent to the dongle for counting and management and can be used as an objective indicator of handwashing monitoring.
Rather than tracking and evaluating individual hand-washing activities, it encourages positive goal setting and implementation of the group's hand-washing activities, such as encouragement and promotion. The minimal counting device is designed and designed to be easily installed on various types of commercial hand cleaners, and the counting count is displayed at the top when the appropriate amount is extracted.

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Planning | Product design | Technical design | Electric circuit design

Director | Seomin Lee
Product designer | Jiyoon Kim
Technical designer | Gwongak Lee