Malaria Diagnostic Platform

Lab On a Chip
The next-generation diagnostic laboratory platform miLab® for NOUL.
Most devices that can diagnose malaria are difficult to move in size, so they have to diagnose in a limited space such as an equipped laboratory. NOUL was able to put the diagnostic technology into a small-sized device, so we could design a device that can move freely and diagnose with only one chip. We have designed the layout to let the main user can easily read the barcode form the chip and insert it for diagnosis. Healthcare workers will be able to diagnose has done naturally with the layout.

It was designed to be reliable at all angles, so it can deliver a clean feeling of the laboratory while patients waiting for their diagnosis.
In most cases, malaria is not diagnosed in a lab environment when using this device. It will be used in a harsh environment, so it should cope with dust, waterproofing, and durability. Besides, the healthcare worker can use the device without inconvenience when using it, and also tried to satisfy the engineers to disassemble when miLab® need to be repaired.

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Planning | Product design | Technical design

Director | Seomin Lee
Project manager | Youngkwang Cho
Product designer | Mimi
UI designer | Gwongak
Technical designer | Sungwon Yang