Mobility Smart Planter​​​​​​​
iF Design Award Finalist 2021

Bringing breadth of life into space through the combination of plant and lighting. 
We propose a better way to maintain a relationship with plants. By using water tank and specific lightening for plant growth, plants are healthy and well adaptable to indoor environments.  
Reminiscent of a flower basket, the Bloom Engine Spot has a long, thin metal handle, which is an important design element of the overall silhouette. The metal handle is very sturdy and works great for moving plants and placing plants on walls. With the compact size and portable function of the Bloom Engine Spot, you can always be with the plant at home, at work, or on the way to work or school. 
As the time spent at home tremendously increased due to Pandemic, indoor gardening has attracted attention for its role in reducing depression caused by the Pandemic through emotional support with plants. The Bloom Engine’s S-pot’s automatic watering and plant growth lighting functions help beginners new to indoor gardening and the products adds beautiful touch to the atmosphere. 
Both the frame and lighting are encased with metal that can be attached or detached with a magnet, making the lighting position adjustable according to the growth of the plant. 
The metal frame is firmly combined with the plastic body at the bottom, making it an affordable design, and allows it to be a convenient and intuitive for carrying, mounting, and moving. The frosted water tank is a metaphor for the amount of water and also serves as an indicator of when to water

for Bloomengine

Planning | Product design | Mechanism design
Director Seomin
Product designer Seona Dayeon
Mechanical designer Seona Gwongak​​​​