Panoramic VR

220 degrees panoramic VR
You can experience a world beyond 160 degrees by wearing panoramic VR. The primary concept of 220 degrees wide-angle is conveyed in a minimal appearance, and embossed and engraved were applied to the buttons so that the sound volume can be adjusted with by sensing them from fingertips without looking. In addition to visualizing important functions and controls, decorative elements are minimized to recognize the design as a solid.
In this project, we did the mechanical design as well as the exterior design. Users can adjust the size according to their head, and the soft material applied to the forehead and the back of the head supports the fit when wearing.

for samsung

Planning | Product design | Technical design

Director | Seomin Lee
Product designer | Sungwon Yang, Minsik Choi
Technical designer | Sungwon Yang