Wearable Dog Emotion Visualizer​​​​​​​

ECG(Electrocardiography) tracker
We designed a wearable ECG Tracker which measures the emotional state of dogs by measuring their electrocardiogram.
With the ECG tracker, we can check our precious dogs' emotional state and track their health status. By collecting electronic signals from dogs, you can check the overall condition of their emotions, activity, sleep, and breathing conditions.
Unlike other devices, the ECG tracker has very high accuracy by placing two electrodes in a wide range of conductive rubber. It will be placed in the chest area of the dog, checking the electrocardiogram near the heart.
Also, it is useful for hairy dogs because they can collect signals without direct contact with the skin.

for samsung
Planning | Product design | Technical design

Director | Seomin Lee
Product designer | Jiyoon Kim
Technical designer | Sungwon Yang